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Carter, Stabler and Adams Holding Bros. Barratts A. E. Gray


Backstamps in this database have been scanned from The Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review: Reference Book and Directory, or from pieces in my own collection.



1) Backstamps with company name or trade name



2) Backstamps with only a picture or initials, but no name



How to find backstamps here


Click the alphabetical page links above to find backstamp photos listed by manufacturer's surname or trade name.

For example:
Royal Worcester is listed underW (Worcester Royal Porcelain Co., Ltd., The)
Crown Derby is listed under R (Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Co., Ltd.)
T. G. Green is listed under G (Green, T. G., & Co., Ltd.)
Denby ware is listed under B (Bourne, Joseph & Son., Ltd.)


Browse the picture-only database, above, in which you can find photos of backstamps that lack an identifiying trade name and manufacturer's name.

(Backstamp pages first put up: January, 2007)