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"Carlton Ware" was originally a trade name of Wiltshaw and Robinson (Ltd) based at the Carlton Works, Stoke-onTrent, from c.1890. The business was renamed 'Carlton Ware Ltd' in January 1958 (information from It was taken over by Arthur Wood in 1967. All pieces here are earthenware. N.B. the spelling is Carlton Ware, not Carltonware.


Guinness range from designs by John Gilroy (English)

Buyer beware! There are many fakes in circulation (including most of the toucans listed on eBay). The fakes have gaudy colours, and lack the subtle blending and gradation between colours that the originals have. Worse still, the fakes have the Carlton Ware backstamp, like the originals. On the original standing toucans (but not the flying ones), the orange of the beak is matt overglaze and therefore often scratched. The originals have subtle painting round the eyes. The pieces shown here are undamaged originals, but it is quite common for originals to have been professionally restored. The tails on the toucans are easily damaged, so check for repainting and fracture lines.

Other fakes: I am not sure, but I am rather suspiscious about some of the Bulmer's Cider woodpeckers, and two human figures which have suspiciously crude painting, namely the 'Hitler' (which may never have been in production although the original mould may have been used for reproductions) and the 'Golfer' figure. Please email me if you know anything more about these pieces.


Lamp-base (original; 1957)
With original holes for the electrical fittings. GA2178 backstamp. Click here for larger image. If the original lampshade is also present, then the value is higher; lampshades rarely survive in good condition. This piece is in mint condition apart from some crazing lines to the froth on the pint. Note the fine quality of the original paintwork: reproductions are crudely done by comparison. There is also a display piece, which is similar to the lamp base but but lacks the holes; it is rarer. See the Guinness Collectors Club website for further information. Value (genuine original): £150-350

Set of 3 flying toucans (original)

Buyer beware: apart from the fakes described above, there are some nostalgia reissues (not from Carlton Ware) currently on sale in British high-street speciality shops. They are slightly better painted than the fakes, and have detailed painting round the feet. They are already being listed on eBay as 'originals', which they are not. Note that the set illustrated here are genuine originals!

The large size is illustrated. There is some crazing to the white area of the breast. Click here for larger image, and note the handpainting to the feet and around the eyes, and the blend between colours on the belly; fakes have abruptly-bordered blocks of unblended colour. Value (set of 3): genuine originals, £250-350; fakes and reissues: £20-45


James Blackmore Guinness series


With gilding. An egg cup, milk jug, teapot and sugar bowl are also seen. Marked: "Specially produced for Arthur Guinness by James Blackmore Limited". c. 1980s. Mint, unused condition with no damage to the gilding. Value: £15-30


Orbit, designed in the 1950s by Peter Forster

Internet buyer beware! Why? Two reasons. First, the orbit design is an overglaze transfer, and therefore liable to wear and scratching. Second, the red colour, like all reds on ceramics of this era, is overglaze, and therefore liable to damage. Note: Burleigh also made a range called Orbit (c. 1969), quite unlike this one, with very bright, graphic patterns.


Minute pinprick to the red paint on the top edge; otherwise mint. Value: £20-55
Large coffee pot
Number is possibly 2644. Mint condition. Value: £70-125

Small coffee/water pot
Number is possible 2680. Mint condition except for a paint flake on the rim of the lid. Value: £40-70


The two pots together:


Cruet set
Mustard stamped ?2654; tray stamped but number illegible; tray with backstamp (see right); salt and pepper unmarked. Mustard with red plastic spoon. Mint apart from a pinprick to the red on the edge of the salt. Value: £45



A stunning* and largely unknown range of freeform bowls and vases, showing some of the purest fifties styling produced by any English ceramics factory. Seen in terracotta, lemon-yellow or green sgraffito patterns; in black or lime green plain glossy glaze; in dark brown glossy glaze with a dividing ridge in the middle; or plain colour gloss background and a white sprig of flowers motif.

(*The word 'stunning' is copyright all eBay ceramics listers).


Boomerang-shape fruit bowl (1958-59)
Mould number 2446. The teracotta-coloured overglaze bears a sgraffito pattern. Some have "Australian Design" stamped, but this one doesn't. Perfect condition: appears unused. Infrequent. Value: £25-55

Freeform flared vase (1958-59)
Mould 2442. This body shape is more often seen with a plain background and a white sprig of flowers as decoration. Used, and with inconspicuous traces of water-staining to the interior; but otherwise mint, and with no crazing or scratches (other than the sgraffito). Rare. Value: £20-30
Freeform narrow vase (1958-59)
Mould 2447. Also seen in plain, dark brown glaze. Used but undamaged and with no crazing or scratches. Rare. Value: £15-25.
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