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Wellington (1971)

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Orange cruet
In pristine condition apart from some crazing on the underside. Classic 'Panton era' in its colour and shape. Value: £4-15 (pair)


Yellow salt and pepper
No damage but overall scattered crazing lines. Value: £3-10 (mint pair)
Orange jug
In pristine, unused condition. Value: £5-10
One is orange and one red. Both carry the impressed number 2981 (c. 1969) and the non-script stamp used between 1968 and 1978. Pristine except for some crazing on the non-painted underside of the red one. Value: £25 (pair).
Orange ribbed mug
Hairline crack in foot. Value: £2-4 (if mint)
In yellow with a tinge of green. Shrinkage line on rim of one. Value: £2-4
In bright yellow. a few crazing lines on the lower ring, otherwise mint. Value: £10

Orange ribbed sugar bowl
Mint except for some crazing underneath. Impressed number ?2983. Value: £4-6

Red ribbed mug
Mint condition. With overglaze yellow script stamp, indicating a date from the 1970s or later. Impressed number unreadable. Value: £2-4
Small red candle holder
With the impressed number 2982. Undamaged, except for a few crazing lines underneath, a couple of pinhead paint losses, and a barely visible split in the paintwork on the upper rim, presumably caused by hot wax on the paint. It looks like a crack, but does not pass through the ceramic body. Value: £5-15
Footed red mugs
All have crazing underneath, and a couple of paint pinpricks, but otherwise in excellent condition. Note that two have the gold backstamp, and one has the black. Value: £2-4 (each)

Footed red mugs
Both have crazing underneath, and one has a rim crack, the other undamaged. Value: £2-4 (each, if mint).


Black vase
A rare colour. In mint condition. With original sticker (Carlton Ware, Made in England) and impressed number (unreadable). Value: £10-15

Vase in pillar-box red
Beautiful piece in mint undamaged condition with only a few scattered crazing lines on the white interior. Gold-yellow script backstamp and impressed number 2973/1 which is consistent with a date around 1971. Value: £10-15
Vase in bright orange
Lovely undamaged piece. Impressed 2973/1. Value: £10-15
Coffee pot
In unused condition - these are usually damaged, which is hardly surprising given the ungainly shape. With impressed number (unreadable). Value: £12-18


Onion-shaped cruet set


A gift from sue.  


Skye (1969)

This range has embossed texture (see detail, below) and the colourways were Sunglow (orange-yellow), Roman Green (seventies bile colour) and Thistle (purple). Other shapes in this range include a coffee pot and mugs, circular buffet trays divided radially into compartments, as well as TV sets, with a rectangular saucer, and dishes shaped like 'pieces of pie'. These pieces are not highly collected at this time.



Sunglow square dish
Impressed 2846. No damage; a couple of crazing lines in the corners; looks unused. Value: £5

Thistle buffet tray
In a purple red-wine colour, impressed 2813. Mint condition. Gift from Sue.


Fruit jam-pots

The pieces below date from the 1970s, but Beswick were producing apple-shaped jam pots in 1933. However, no fruit pot has ever been as luscious as these Carlton Ware pieces. Carlton ware also made a range of table ware, shaped like apples and pears, in the 1960s, which are more common than the pieces below.


Strawberry (c. 1970s)
No damage but overall scattered crazing lines. The backstamp dates it to c. 1968-78. Value: £25-35


Blackberry (c. 1971)
Mould number 3068. Value: £25-35


Pineapple (1971-72)
This shape was mould number 3064. Value: £10-20






Set of 6 spice jars No. 2988 (c. 1969)
With cork stoppers. Five have the black backstamp (right, top) and one has the yellow lithographed overglaze stamp (right, bottom). Mint condition, with only a few crazing lines on the bottoms. The organge is painted and never crazes. Value: £15-20 (set)

Cube cruet (1969-70)
Orange pepper pot with plastic stopper (left, mould indistinct: ?2957) and red lidded mustard pot (right, mould number distinct: 2957). These are from different sets because the colours do not match. These sets came originally on a square ceramic tray (missing here), with slightly convex edges, and red-painted on the upper surface. Another variant is a set of 3 (salt, pepper, mustard) arranged in a row on a rectangular tray. No damage, but a couple of crazing lines on the base of the pepper. The backstamp of the mustard is shown here. This script backstamp was withdrawn in 1970. Value: £8-20 (this pair, no tray)


A contact has kindly emailed with more information on this piece: 'My mother bought my Chartreuse green cruet [3 cubes on a tray; sometime in the early 1970s; sans serif back stamp not script] for my nana. The dish has the number 2957 on the base, along side a triangular black and white sticker which says ?as selected for the Design Centre London?. It was bought in Auckland, New Zealand.

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