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Java pattern on Oslo shape, 1969

The Oslo body shape dates from February, 1969. Only Carlton Ware could produce a psychedelic pattern - in black and white. Very graphic. Not one of the commonest designs, presumably because it wasn't popular. I like it, though. A contact emails to say that she has a trade advertisement from Sept. 69 reading: "Java" bold black & white floral decoration on the established Oslo shape".


Oil bottle
Unused but with crazing. Value: £5



Denim (c. 1978)

This pattern shows a man and a woman, in front and rear view. There is some ambiguity because, within each same-sex couple, one arm appears to be shared. It is not clear, therefore, who is touching whom, and whose hand is in whose pocket. The range was not a big seller.

Jug and sugar bowl
No handles. Both pristine apart from a tiny pin prick on the margin of the jug. Click here for an enlargement of these items. Overglaze yellow-gold backstamp, but no number. Value: £25-35
Salt and Pepper
The pepper appears to be a second, with a flake of pottery on the lower edge that has been covered by the transfer. Value: £20-30 (pair, if mint)
Tea pot
With wicker handle and sliding wicker retaining rings to allow the handle to be detached for cleaning. Mint condition. Value: £20-30


Citrus peel

Carlton Ware made small pots, jugs and squeezers that imitate the dimpled peel of oranges or lemons. Although they look retro, the designs have their origins in the early to mid twentieth century. I don't know what the official name was, but I call them citrus peel. The colour on many of them is overglaze, and liable to rubbing and flaking. They are pretty common, although it can be difficult to find the squeezers intact and in perfect condition. The orange colour is the commonest, followed by yellow, and then the scarce lime green colourway. Beswick and Crown Devon also made orange-peel or lemon-peel items. Beswick mould numbers 207-1 and 2 is an orange marmalade pot with a flower finial (often damaged), that closely resemble the equivalent Carlton Ware and Crown Devon pieces. The Beswick pieces were in production from 1933-1970.

Sugar bowl
In mint condition. Value: £10-20
Old orange-peel pot and saucer
With the backstamp for 1906-1927. These are not so common as the post-war pieces. This one has some brown stains to the interior, some spots of orange paint-loss, and some crazing to the saucer. Value: £15-25 (if mint)

Pair of citrus squeezers
each consisting of jug and detachable squeezer. One jug has orange-peel effect, the other lemon. Both jugs have peach-coloured interiors. Both undamaged and uncrazed, although the lemon has some rubbing to the yellow paint over the equator. In my experience, the squeezer-jugs had peach coloured interiors, whereas the milk jugs had white interiors. Value: £20-35 (one, complete)
Orange-peel jug
I inherited this from my grandparents via my mother; it started my craze for retro ceramics in 2001. Value: £10-20
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