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Carlton Ware collecting books tend to concentrate on the old pre-war fancy stuff. Lovers of quirky 1970s and 1980s Carlton Ware are left a bit out in the cold.

Here is some information I have been sent be a contact whose friend owns a Carlton Ware trade catalogue of the period.

"The 'ball' cruets of cats etc. are indeed Carlton Ware, but were not backstamped with the name.

"The Bean Bag range also included a toast rack, mugs, cheese dish & preserve pot and the 2 beans also came as a free standing duo without a base.

"The plug ashtray was part of the Functional Fun range and there was a wing nut vase, nut-and-bolt salt and pepper, tap teapot, milk shake preserve, ice cream butter dish, bow tie cruet and other items.

"At this time the Circus and Alice in Wonderland ranges were produced too - along with the Animal range.

Of the trade catalogue, she says:

"The sharks head & burger are on the same page as lots of other fun things e.g. Pelican tidy, Beach Towel Soap Dish, Cushion Spoon Rest, Sandcastle Toothbrush Holder, Beer Mug- but these are not actually listed under the Functional Fun Wares. Functional Fun are such things as Wing Nut vase, Tap tea pot, Bow Tie Cruet, Wafer Butter, Hovis, Fried egg, Leaning Men range. Doesn't seem to make much sense actually - except that the items shown with the shark do seem to be geared purely to relaxation!!!'

"Re undecorated Bean - Lots of the pieces you see undecorated are from the time the factory closed & are that way because they were unfinished. The crocodiles come without painted eyes from this time. The remaining wares from the stockroom were sold off as they stood & were bought as job lots (often by local traders for relatively small prices) & sold for some time after the factory closed. Thus the later ranges can often be found unfinished.

"The pattern name for your psychadelic black & white coffee pot is Java . The shape itself was called Oslo & made in Feb. 1969 in satin matt finishes olive green & white, plain black & white or red & white. Java was a follow on from Oslo - but on the same shape. The Java ad from Sept. 69 says:- "Java" bold black & white floral decoration on the established Oslo shape. The first Wellington ad I have is dated Feb. 1971 & it seems that this range was introduced at the Blackpool Trade fair in Feb. that year."