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A contact who collects Carlton Ware literature says: 'The first Wellington ad I have is dated Feb. 1971 and it seems that this range was introduced at the Blackpool Trade fair in Feb. that year.'

Ribbed or flanged, they resemble the electrical insulators on power lines, or the flanged iron candlestick designs of Robert Welch (1962), and the glass Festivo candlesticks of Timo Sarpaneva for Littala (1967).

The Carlton Ware Wellington range was produced in bright yellow, lime green or orange, sometimes with dark brown trim; in white or dark blue with floral patterns; in glossy, under-glaze chocolate brown; and plain, glazed white, black, sky blue or cream; or white grading into brown.

Coffee sets, vases and candle holders (with a total of 2, 3 or 5 flanges) are seen, and very rarely a butter dish. A mustard brown variant is seen with an impressed number but no Carlton Ware stamp. These pieces very often have chips or cracks or crazing. Candlesticks may show damage to the cup where wax has been gouged out with a knife. With the red ones, the colour is overglaze and therefore does not craze - but is very prone to chipping, and often shows pinpoint losses.

Surprisingly, for such classic space-age items, they are hardly collected at this time.