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Pisces (1960-61)

Designed by Ron Mitchell sometime around 1960, and issued only in 1961, these exhibition pieces are now extremely rare. A similar vase is featured in the book Austerity to Affluence (ISBN 185894046X) as number C40.


Vase No. 721
Fourteen inches tall, and with two fish projecting from the side. The fish have air holes at the back. There is a smaller fish impressed into the body of front and reverse.
I just love this piece. I fully expected it to arrive in the mail in several pieces. But by some miracle it arrive in perfect condition, the seller ("dorset-denby" on eBay) having packed it beautifully. It is completely undamaged, and has only a few, scattered crazing lines on the side, mouth, fish, and interior. Value: £900



Studiocraft (1960-62)

This range is now very collectable. A few years ago, it would have been regarded as junk.


Plant pot, red pattern
number 377. No damage or crazing; some minor water staining to the interior. Unfortunately, I used a high camera angle and wide lens, and so the vase now appears unnaturally narrow at the base. Value: £20-35


Vase, black pattern
Mould number 375, the tallest in the range (13.5 ins). Pristine with no damage or crazing; very slight yellowing to interior from water. Value: £50-80


Summit (1960-65)

Not highly collected at this time and still quite cheap. I like them, though.


Bonbon dish or ashtray
Mould number 262, with blue-black detailing. Perfect condition; appears unused. Value: £5
Cactus pot
Mould number 734, mustard colour. Pristine. Value: £5-10
Plant pot
Mould number 733, green. Pristine. Value: £5-10


Abbey lamp (1961-63)

Designed by John Clappison. Extremely rare.


Trade advertisement (1963)

This piece is called the Abbey Lantern in the Heckford book.

Click here for high resolution version



Gaiety (1964-5)


Yellow anvil vase
With chocolate brown banding on the foot. Scarce, and in pristine, unused condition, apart from a minute flea bite to the rim. Value: £50-70


Blue Gaiety Pot
Impressed 877. Beautiful sky blue glaze. No crazing, but a small glaze chip to the upper edge of the blue at the rim. Value: £15-30 (if mint)
Lime-green plant pot
Mould number 876, with chocolate brown banding on lower part. Scarce, and in pristine, unused condition. There is a tiny spot of brown underglaze paint on the green area. Value: £15-30
Pair of vases
Mould number 855. Orange-caramel colour, with brown stripes. Appearing unused with no crazing or cracks. One has a tiny flake on the unglazed under-rim, the other some inconspicuous underglaze ripples where the paint was a little thick above the stripes. Value: £20-35 (pair)


Springtime 1964-65, by John Clappison

Becoming collectable.


Large preserve jar
Mould number 279. Pristine. Value: £5-15
Square butter dish
Mould number 280. Pristine, apart from a tiny flake on the unglazed area of the inner flange of the lid underside. Value: £5-15 (if mint)


Sunflower (1965)

A range of plant holders in five colorways.


Lime green interior
Large size, mould number 745. Mint unused condition with no damage or crazing. Value: £35-45
Orange interior
Small size, impressed number 747. Mint condition. Value: £35-45
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